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3.5 news propagation

The model below represents the problem of news propagation:

news propogation example

Notation: The model comprises eight diagrams. Each diagram represents one system as a composition of component systems. Component systems are represented in diagrams by named rectangles. The touching of two rectangles represents an interaction between two component systems so that the two component systems affect each others behaviour. Shading on a rectangle represents a set of similar components.

Click on the names in this display to see descriptions and compositions for its component systems.

The diagram on the right of the display shows the composition of the news propagation process as being:

news propogation process

Click on the the names in this diagram to see descriptions and compositions for its three components. Combining the compositions for the three components yields a detailed composition for the news propagation process:

detailed news propogation process

Notation: Note that the compositions of the three components were linked together by means of their shared components. Note also that both lines and rectangles are used in this diagram to represent component systems. It sometimes makes a diagram easier to "read" if minor components are represented by lines.

Click on the the names in this diagram to see descriptions of its twenty components.

last revision: 1st August 1997