ATWELL family - additional notes


father of ANN ATWELL
- 1544 Edward Atwell baptised at Rousham son of John Atwell.
- 1576 Rychard Attwells baptised at Cromhall son of Edward Attwells.
- 1577 Susanna Attwells baptised at Cromhall daughter of Edward Attwells.
- 1580 Edward Atwell in will of cousin Peter Crew of Tytherington which mentions wife Elizabeth, daughters Anne, Susanna, Sara and Joyce daughter Mary wife of Henry Stambourne, daughter in law Rebecca Webbe, son Edmund and overseers John Hobbes bailiff, Abraham Webbe and William Browne.
- 1581 Isabel or Elizabeth Crewe of Tytherington will mentions sons Abraham and Isaac Webbe, daughter Judith wife of Richard Alynche, Christian Webb, goddaughter Isabel Webb, Peter Ayleworth, late husband Peter Crewe, executors daughters Rebecca Webbe and Susanna, Sara and Joyce Crewe; overseers William Higgins, William Brown, John Hobbs and Abraham Webb.
- 1583 Edward Atwell overseer in will of Thomas Hickes of Cromhall with Thomas Crewe of Hawkesbury - will mentions son William, wife and executrix Agnes.
- 1587 Edward Atwell yeoman of Cromhall will mentions advowson of Cromhall to son Richard, children John, Susan and Jane, wife and executor Margaret, overseers cousins John Powell gentleman of Cheltenham, Edward Tomlin gentleman of Toddenham and Matthew Crewe clothier of New Mills Oldbury.
- 1601 Margaret Atwel widow of Cromhall late wife of Edward Atwel will mentions poor of Hawkesbury and Wickwar, John Snigge, husbands godaughter Joan Wall, daughter Margaret widow of Thomas Hicks, children Richard, John and Jane Atwell, daughter Susan wife of Robert Webbe, godaughter Margaret daughter of Arthur Hixe, grandchildren, brother Michael Crewe and his son William, sister Susan wife of Nicholas Webbe, executor and son Arthur Hixe, overseers John Wall clerk, Matthew Crewe clothier of Alderley, Thomas Dauncey of Uley and John Crewe fuller of Hillesley.
- 1629 John Attwells overseer of will of William Webb of Cromhall which mentions daughters Agnes and Joan, wife and executrix, overseers and cousins Robert Webb and John Attwells.
- 1630 Richard Atwells draper of Thornbury late of London (probably born at Cromhall) will mentions burial at Thornbury, church at Cromhall, brother John Atwells, his wife Agnes and son John, sister Susan wife of Robert Webbe, brother in law Brice Webb, sister Jane Webbe, son of cousin Margaret Allen, children of brother Arthur Hicks, children of sister Margaret Hicks, William Edwards married to wifes daughter and their daughter Ursula, wifes son in law William Gwenson, wifes sister and two brothers, cousin Arthur Crewe of Heyworth, cousin Joseph Cocke and his wife, Sam Packer, Mr Palmer preacher, Sam Geale senior, uncles son William Crewe, William son of Richard Hicks of Boynton, John Russell, William Hobbes, Morgan Hicks senior, John Tanner, Elizabeth Yonge of Cromhall, Mr Higgins of Wickwar, preachers, Mr Hoell, Mr Maxie, Mr Mathewes, Mr Grayle, Mr Potter, Mr Marshall, Mr Maior of Thornbury, neighbours John Packer, William Jones, John Champneys and William Higgins, company of Drapers in London, executor and wife Ursula, overseers John Atwells, brother in law Robert Webb, cousin Thomas Hicks, son in law William Edwards.
- 1632 John Attwells overseer in will of Robert Webb of Cromhall which mentions land at Morton, children Robert Christian, Ursula and Elizabeth, daughter Margaret Allen and her son Robert, brother Brice Webb, sisters Margaret Crewe, Martha Smith, Maud Tindall and Agnes Webb, wife and executor Susan, overseers brothers and kinsmen John Attwells, Thomas Hickes, Brice Webb and Thomas Tindall.
- 1635 Edward Atwells of Cromhall will mentions mother, brother John, and his wife Edith and their children Richard and Agnes, mother in law Alice Mayo, brother in law William Mayo and his daughters Sara and Joan, brother in law Chris Andras and his son Chris, son John, land at Bibston Cromhall, Alex Webley of Wickwar, Nicholas Neole of Cromhall, Joan Rusell, Agnes Holder, executor and father John Atwells, overseers brother John Atwells of Tortworth and John Mayo of Charfeld.
- 1641 John Attwells senior of Cromhall will mentions servants William Capre and Margaret Peirce, sons servant Edmund Clerk, Joan Harmer and Ruth Lawrence, grandson John son of Edward Atwells, cousin Thomas Hickes, land in Tortworth to son John and his children Richard, John and Anne, daughter in law Edith Atwells, wife and executrix Anne, overseers William Edwards of Alveston, Thomas Hicks senior, Brice Webb and son John Attwells.
- 1642 Ursula Edwards spinster of Alveston will mentions poor of Thornbury; John Somers clerk; uncle Jefferies; aunt Mabberley; mother in law; sister Mary Clement; aunt Atwells; cousin John Atwells, his wife and daughter Anne; Mrs Palmer and her daughter; Mrs Clifford; Cath Whitfield; Eliz Baker; Joan Busher; widow Kallowaie; exececutors father William Edwards and sister Elizabethy Edwards; witnesses John Dymery and John Gonds.
- 1667 Mathew Crewe aged 61 died 29/2/1667 - Bridget his wife aged 23 died 25/12/1658 - at Alderley in Biglands Gloucestershire.
- 1677 Sarah Atwells baptised at Cromhall daughter of John and Mary Atwells.
- 1681 John Atwells baptised at Cromhall son of Edward and Mary Atwells.
- 1684 Edward Atwells baptised at Cromhall son of Edward and Mary Atwells.
- 1686 John Atwells baptised at Cromhall son of Edward and Mary Atwells.
- 1688 Richard Atwells baptised at Cromhall son of Edward and Mary Atwells.
- 1690 Isaach Attwells baptised at Cromhall son of Edward and Mary Attwells.

daughter of ? ATWELL
- 1574 Anne Atwell married at Cromhall to John Marsh.

- 1605 - Brice Webb of Cromhall, clothier, and Jane Atwell of Cromhall; lands in Oldbury-on-Severn 1605 1 - Marriage settlement - in D654/III/182 1546-1762 at Gloucester Record Office
- 1627 Edward Arwell married 6/11/1627 at Charfield to Sarah Mayo.
- 1637 John Atwells of ? Gloucestershire - Group 6 Chan Dep Eliz to Chas 1 bundle ?15 suit 14.