JACKSON family - additional notes


father of JANE JACKSON
- 1664 William Bell baptised at Kirby Wiske son of Thomas Bell of Breckenbrough
- 1673 Jane Bell buried at Kirby Wiske daughter of Thomas Bell of Breckborough
- 1678 Dorothy Jackson of Roxby? or Kirby? buried at Kirby Wiske
- 1678 Dorothea Jackson widow of Kirby Wiske will mentions Robert Bell son of Thomas Bell, Margaret, Thomas, John and Abraham children of Thomas Bell of Brakenborough, son in law Christopher Gatenby and his children

daughter of ? JACKSON
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- 1663 Jane Jackson of Brackenbrough married 29/2 at Kirby Wiske to Christopher Gatenby of Maunby

- 1645 Jane Jackson married at Thirsk to Thomas Bell
- 1668 William Jackson buried at Kirby Wiske
- 1668 William Jackson of Xanshan? buried at Kirby Wiske
- 1673 George Jackson of Kirby buried at Kirby Wiske
- 1676 William Jackson of Maunby buried at Kirby Wiske
- 1689 John Almack yeoman of Sand Hutton will mentions uncle George Jackson dyer of Thirsk, uncle William Jackson dyer of Thirsk, land in Sand Hutton, land in occupation of brother in law Gregory Jackson, Christopher Jackson son of George Jackson, Jane now wife of Thomas Bell of Fordington, George Jackson second son of George Jackson of Thirsk, John Jackson third son of George Jackson of Thirsk, brother Thomas Almack, sister Isabel Man?, sister Dorothy Walker, sister Margaret Dade?, nephew Thomas Man, sister in law Margaret Jackson, niece Ellen Walker - his will and that of his father held at Northallerton