ROTHERY family - additional notes


father of ANNE ROTHERY
- 1694 John Rothery buried Embleton
- 1694 John Rothery of Netherscale Embleton, will indexed under Elizabeth Rothery, mentions brother Thomas Rothery, brother William Rothery, brother Peter Rothery, sister Ann Barber, sister Barbara Rothery, sister Jane Rothery, sister Mary Ffoanon?, cousin John Westray, cousin John Peirson, wife Elizabeth Rothery, witnesses John Westray, Joseph Rothery and George Messenger junior, administration to Elizabeth Rothery, Robert Pearson and John Pearson, inventory by Thomas Westray of Wythop, John Fisher of Embleton, John Westray of Embleton and Peter Howell of Embleton

daughter of ? ROTHERY
- 1700 George Barber of Bishopside administration in York Registry mentions widow Ann Barber of Bishopside and her? brother Peter Rothery of Embleton Cumbria, inventory by Thomas Smith, Henry Wood, John Barber and Thomas Allanson

- 1655 John Westray married at Cockermouth to Jannet Pearson of Cockermouth
- 1653 Margaret Rothery spinster of How End Embleton dated 15/12/1653 will mentions Hester Rothery, George Gwnston?, Leonard Gwnston?, Joseph Gwnston?, Janet Walker, Margaret Gwnston? kinswoman and executrix, burial at Embleton, witnesses Thomas Walker and Elizabeth Rothery widow, granted 1655
- 1658 George Pearson married at Cockermouth to Alice Rothery
- 1658 Alice Rothery of Cockermouth married Cockermouth George Pearson of Cockermouth
- 1662 John Rothery of Beckbank Embleton, will mentions son Roger Rothery, son Peter Rothery, wife and exec Mary Rothery, witnesses oger Grigg, Thomas Yoard, Roger Grigg and Roger Rothery, inventory by Thomas Yoard of Netherscale, and John Pierson of Lanfill Embleton
- 1663 John Rothery - Bernau Index Bridges C5 431/28 - John Rothery v George and Alice Pearson Cockermouth Cumberland - grandfather John Rothery burgess of Cockermouth will 38 years before died leaving sons Anthony Rothery (father of John) and William Rothery - land left to George and Alice Pearson left to son William sold to John Walker of Cockermouth
- 1665 John Pearson of Embleton will
- 1670 Jennet Westray widow of Beckhouses Embleton, will mentions son Miles Westray, Mary Addison dau of John Addison of Beckhouses, Frances Addison dau of John Addison, Jane Addison dau of John Addison, John Rothery and Joseph Rothery sons of William Rothery of Beckhouses, Anne Fisher dau of John Fisher of Beckhouses, Ann Peirson and Mary Peirson daus of John Peirson of Cockermouth, and Joseph Peirson son of John Peirson
- 1679 John Peirson of Skeaton Embleton, will
- 1693 John Rothery yeoman of Beckhouse Embleton, will mentions son Joseph Rothery, daughter Ann Rothery, Peter Cass son of Richard Cass, Sarah Cass dau of Janet Cass, sister, wife Elinor, witnesses William Rothery of Cockermouth, Peter Cass of Cockermouth and Joseph Rothery
- 1693 John Rothery yeoman of Wad Cragg Embleton, will mentions three brothers Thomas Rothery, Peter Rothery and Benjamin Rothery and sister Ann Rudd, wife Elinor Rothery sole executor, witnesses John Fisher, Richard Cass and Peter Hudson, inventory by John Fisher, John Watson, Peter Priele, Richard Casse and Peter Hudson, witnesses Nicholas Jackson and Peter Hudson of Cockermouth
- 1693 William Rothery yeoman of Beckbanck Embleton, inventory mentions widow Barbara Rothery, inventory by John Westray, John Fisher, John Westray and John Rothery all of Embleton, wit John Westray of Birkbank, John Westray yeoman of Netherscale
- 1693 Ann Rothery married at Pateley Bridge to Thomas Smith
- 1695 John Westray of Netherscale Embleton, will mentions son Thomas Westray of Widop? Lorton, son John Westray of Embleton, daughter Mary Westray, and wife Barbara Westray junior of Netherscale, witnesses Thomas Westray junior, John Fisher junior, John Westray and George Messenger junior
- 1696 Barbara Rothery buried Embleton
- 1696 Barbara Rothery of Beckbank Embleton, inventory
- 1696 Peter Rothery baptised at Whitehaven son of Peter Rothery
- 1697 Jane Addison married at Embleton to John Fisher
- 1699 Barbara Westray of Embleton deceased, Tuition
- 1699 Barbary Westray buried at Embleton
- 1704 Peter Rothery buried Embleton
- 1705 Peter Rothery married Embleton Elizabeth Peile
- 1706 John Pearson of Embleton, will
- 1707 William Rothery of Bouch House Embleton, will mentions son Joseph Rothery land in Espo Embleton, daughter Anne Bell, son John Rothery, wit Elianor Meales, John Addison and George Messenger, inventory by Peter Peile of Highside, William Peirson of Espo and John Watson of St Ginnere all in Embleton and Francis Fisher of Wythophall, wit John Rothery and George Messenger
- 1709 Peter Rothery married at Embleton to Elizabeth Perle?