Dynamic Successor to POSD

This describes work, in the last decade, with Bob Snowdon and Brian Warboys, and earlier with David Rhydeard. We have produced the following set of papers

POSD - Process Oriented Systems Design

This describes work with Peter Henderson and Bob Snowdon. It resulted in a paper, defining POSD, published in 1995

Architecture for PAYE Workflow

This describes work, in 1994, with Jeff Parker, Bob Snowdon and Jane Searles,. It used a bone-like notation that was a precursor to POSD
bones diagrams

Courses Applying the Principle of Shared-Behaviour to SystemsDesign

Jane Searles and Roger Duck have developed a series of workshops, allowing teams involved with a large systems (organisational or technical) to explore the problems, encountered at the boundaries between them. The used the term "Shared Behaviour" from POSD, to emphasise the importance and potential complexity, of the systems at these boundaries. See a paper published in 2021
Searles and Duck

PISA - Persistent Information Space Architecture

See a paper that defined the POSD Alvey projecrt, published in ????

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