Notes by Arthur Bell, a great great great grandson of Thomas Danyell of Castle Rising.

This document was copied from the Catholic Record Society volume 1 pages 116-122. Page 116 has the coat of arms of the Bel, Bell or de Belne family and the the coat of arms of this family quartered with the arms of the Daniel and Baynard families. The following is the text on pages 117-122. The text in red is my attempt at a translation of the Latin. Be warned that I last learnt Latin 55 years ago and then only for a few months.

A Genealogical Note-Book of the Venerable Arthur Bell, OSF, Martyr, 1638.

From the original manuscript, in my collection at Oxford. It consists of 28 folios, vellum, each 4x2 inches. On folios 2, 5, & 7 are blazons of arms; folios 24-29 are blank. The MS., which is written with hardly any paragraphs, commences in a court hand, which changes, folio 17 into a cursive, after the author has noted that he was writing "to-day, 5 December 1638." The cover consists of a fragment of an old English deed, dated 11 June 1589.

Father Arthur, in religion Francis, Bell or as he spelt it, Bel, had previously published the will of his father William. The Testament of William Bel, gentleman, left written with his owne Hand; with Annotations at the end, and sentences by his sonne Francis Bel. Douay, 1632 (a copy in the British Museum). The account given in that book of the Bel family is curious and interesting, and should be studied in connection with the following document. - H. D. G.

In Nomine Jesu Christi, Amen

Gulielmus Bel filius Johannis: filii Johannis: filii Gulielmi gui vixit temporibus Regis Henrici 8 et possedit patrimonium, Blackgreve et Bells valoris ultra 100 Marcas per annum in Kings-Norton, Comitatus Vigorniae sub titulo de terris et tenimentis quondam Hugonis de Belne.

William Bel son of John: son of John: son of William who was alive in the time of King Henry 8 and possessed of hereditary property, Blackgreve and Bells worth more than 100 marks per year in Kings-Norton, holding with others part of land formerly possessed by Hugh of Belne.

Ille Hugo vixit temporibus Edoardi 1 Regis et incoluit comitatum Vigorniae, cujus rei memoria servatur in Rotulis curiae maneriarum de Bromesgrove et Kingsnorton in turri Ecclesiae de Bromesgrove.

this Hugh lived in the time of King Edward I and inhabited land with others, as mentioned in the court rolls of Bromesgrove and Kingsnorton held in Bromesgrove church.

Ab Hugone de Belne in recta linea descendit Johannes Bel qui genuit filium Gulielmum: filias Joannam, nuptam.

from Hugh in direct lineal descent was John Bel who begot son William; daughter Joan married to .

[Here one folio remains blank.]

Edoardus I Rex.
Thomas de Brotherton.
Margarita Ducissa Norfolc.
Elizabeth Domina Segrave.
Thomas Dominus Moubrai.
Margarita Hovvardi.
Margarita Danielis.
Edmundus Daniel.
Thomas Daniel.
Edmundus Daniel.
Dorothea Uxor Beli.

Edoardus Rex Angliae huius nominis primus: duas habuit uxores: Eleanoram filiam Ferdinandi Regis Castellae: ex qua series Regum Angliae: et Margaritam filiam Philippi Regis Franciae, secundam Uxorem, ex qua series et linea, sequens.

Edward, King of England, the first of that name, had two wives: Eleanor daughter of Ferdinand King of Castile, from whom descends the Kings of England: and a second wife Margaret daughter of Philip King of France, from whom lineally descend.

Thomas de Brotherton, 2 filius Edoardi I, Comes Norfolciae, et Marescallus Angliae, accepit Aliciam filiam Rogeri Halys equitis, primam uxorem.

Thomas de Brotherton, second son of Edward I, Earl of Norfolk and Marshall of England, who took as first wife Alice daughter of Sir Roger Halys.

Ex his genita est Margarita Ducissa Norfolciae filia et haeres Thomae de Brotherton, nupta Johanni Domino Segrave.

they begot Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk, daughter and heiress of Thomas of Brotherton, who married John Lord Segrave.

Hi genuere Elizabetham Dominam Segrave filiam et heredem Johannis Baronis Segrave, quae nupta est Johanni Domino Moubray: comiti Marescallo Angliae iure uxoris.

they begot Elizabeth, Lady Segrave, daughter and heiress of John Lord Segrave, who married John, Lord Mowbray, who acted as Marshall of England in place of his wife.

Ex his genitus est Thomas Dominus Moubrai Dux Norfolciae et comes Marescallus Angliae, qui accepta in uxorem Elizabetha filia et coherede Richardi comitis de Arundel, Warren, et Surrey, genuit ex ea Margaritam.

they begot Thomas, Lord Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk who took as wife Elizabeth daughter and coheiress of Richard Count of Arundel Warren and Surrey, they begot Margaret.

Haec nupta Roberto Howard equiti, filio Johannis Howardi equitis, progenuit Johannem Howard primum Ducem Norfolciae eius nominis: Dominam Iaram Howard nuptam Edoardo Nevil Domino de Abergaveney: et Dominam Margaritam Howard nuptam Thomas Daniel equiti: Hic anno 14 Regis Henrici 6 creatur Baro de Ratwire in Hybernia.

who married Sir Robert Howard, son of Sir John Howard, and begat John Howard first Duke of Norfolk of his name, Lady Catherine Howard married to Edward Nevil, Lord Abergavenny, and Lady Margaret Howard married to Sir Thomas Daniel who in 14th year of Henry 6 was created Baron Raywire in Ireland.

Edmundus filius Thomae Daniel et haeres acceptit uxorem Gratiam filiam et haeredem Richardi Baynard equitis, ex qua suscepit proles Edmundum filium et haeredem: Johannem: Thomam: Georgium: Margaritam: Joannam: Elizabetham.

Edmund son and heir of Thomas Daniel took as wife Grace daughter and heiress of Sir Richard Baynard, and had children son and heir Edmund, John, Thomas, George, Margaret, Joan and Elizabeth.

Ex his 7 prolibus Edmundus genuit Johannem filium, et haeredem: is uxorem duxit Avis filiam Henrici Teril de Heron equitis etc. Margarita duxit Green de Wittam de comitatu Essex, generosum. Joanna juncta est Johanni Jermyn equiti de Matisfeld in comitatu Suffolciae, Elizabetha fuit Abbatissa de Mallin.

of these seven children Edmund had son and heir John who married Avice daughter of Sir Henry Tyrrell of Heron etc, Margaret married a gentleman Green of Wittam in county Essex, Joan married to Sir John Jermyn of Matisfeld in county Suffolk, Elizabeth was Abbess of Mallin.

Thomas Daniel 3 filius primi Edmundi accepit uxorem Annam filiam Thomas Lucie equitis de comitatu Warwick.

Thomas Daniel third son of the first Edmund took as wife Ann daughter of Sir Thomas Lucy of county Warwickshire.

Edmundus filius Thomae Daniel de Acton et haeres accepit uxorem Margaritam ex filiabus et coheredibus Edmundi West armigeri de comitatu Suffolciae.

Edmund son and heir of Thomas Daniel of Acton took as wife Margaret daughter and coheiress of Edmund West (holder of coat of arms) of county Suffolk.

Hi liberos genuere Johannem haeredem, Thomam in bellis Flandriae occisum, Edmundum, et Gulielmum in juventute raptos, Franciscum, qui in heaereditate post successit, Mariam, Graciolam, Elizabetham, Barbaram, Dorotheam, et Annam.

had offspring heir John, Thomas killed in Flanders war, Edmund and William died young, Francis who succeeded as heir, Mary, Grace, Elizabeth, Barbara, Dorothy and Ann.

Ex his prolibus, Johannes duxit Margaritam filiam et cohaeredem Edmundi Tirel Armigeri: et obiit sine prole, 15 die Septembris, 1597.

of these children John married Margaret daughter and coheir of Edmund Tyrell (holder of coat of arms), and died without issue on 15th September 1597.

Maria nupta Bedinfield de Cavenham in comitatu Norfolciae proles habuit Franciscum, Henricum, Georgium et alios.

Maria married Bedinfield of Cavenham in county Norfolk and had children Francis, Henry, George and others.

Graciola data est in matrimonio Henrico filio Davidis Jones de Chepstow in comitatu de Monmouth gen., Anna infans moritur.

Grissel was given in matrimony to Henry son of David Jones of Chepstow in county Monmouth gentleman, Anna died as an infant.

Barbara matrimonio juncta Richardo filio Rogeri Martin 4 Julii 1586: Moritur 27 Julii 1592. relicta prole Laurentio qui obiit 2 Decembris 1621, et Maria nupta Johanni Digbie de Luffenham in comitatu Rutlandiae quae similiter obiit 3 Decembris 1632: relicta prole Jacobe et Martino, Maria, Venefrida et Cecilia.

Barbara married Richard son of Roger Martin 4th July 1586, died 27th July 1592, leaving children Laurence who died 2nd December 1621 and Maria, married John Digby of Luffenham in county Rutland who died 3rd December 1632, leaving children James and Martin, Maria, Venefrida and Cecilia.

Thomas Wright et Elizabetha Daniel conjuncti sunt in matrimonio die 16 februarii 1590, hi genuerunt Edmundum, Johannem, Thomam, Franciscum, Christophorum filios: Margaritam et Annam filias, et mortui sunt; illa 24 Martii 1633, ille paulo minus 30 Annis ante. Edmundus Wright obiit celebs 1638 Augusti 31: Johannes est sacerdos de Societate Jesu et superest. Thomas est superstes et celebs. Fransiscus sacredos obiit. Christophorus obiit. Margarita superstes adhuc celebs est. Anna professa de ordine S. Clarae in claustro Anglarum Gravelinge obiit.

Thomas Wright and Elizabeth Daniel were married 16th February 1590, had sons Edmund, John, Thomas, Francis, and Christopher and daughters Margaret and Anna, et mortui sunt??: she died 24th March 1633, just under 30 years after her husband???. Edmund Wright died unmarried 31st August 1638, John is Jesuit priest and superest?, Thomas is unmarried and superest?. Francis priest deceased. Chistopher deceased. Margarita survives and is still unmarried. Anna deceased was ordained as Sister Clara in nunery of Anglarum Gravelinge.

Franciscus filius Edmundi Daniel accepit conjugem Margaritam filiam Rogeri; sororem Richardi Martin de Melford in comitatu Southfolciae. His nati sunt complures liberi, Johannes, Nicholaus, Petrus, Edmundus, Jacobus, et allii infantes rapti, Anna, Margarita, Brigida, Maria.

Francis son of Edmund Daniel took as wife Margaret daughter of Roger and sister of Richard Martin of Melford in county Suffolk. They had a number of sons John, Nicholas, Peter, Edmund, James and also Anna, Margaret, Bridget, Maria.

Johannes Daniel Francisci filius natus 1591 Julii duxit uxorem Mariam filiam Edoardi Yeluerton de comitatu Norfolciae anno Domini 1614, ex qua genuit Johannem et Mariam. Illa defuncta, duxit Catherinam filiam Henrici Guildeford equitis: et genuit filios Thomam et Johannem, filias Annam natam 7 die Junii 1629, Elizabetham 18 Julii 1632, Dorotheam 5 Januarii 1633. Obiit vero ipse 21 Septembris 1638, relicto haerede Thoma nato Septembris 27 die 1636, hora 2 mane.

John Daniel son of Francis born July 1591 married Maria daughter of Edward Yelverton of county Norfolk in 1614 and had children John and Maria. Later he married Catherine daughter of Sir Henry Guildford and begat Thomas and John and daughters Anna born 7th June 1629, Elizabeth 18th July 1632, Dorothy 5th January 1633. He died 21st September 1638, leaving heir Thomas born 27th September 1636 at 2 in the morning.
[Note this shows that the extension to the 1561 visitation of Suffolk (based on work of Jermyn and Davy and produced by Joseph Jackson Howard in 1866) is incorrect as it has left out this John by confusing him with his son John]

Nicolaus secundus filius Francisci Daniel, uxorem accepit Franciscam Paris de Linton in comitatu Cantabrigiae, ex ea genuit Fransiscum, Franciscam, Barbaram, Elizabetham.

Nicholas second son of Francis Daniel took as wife Frances Paris of Linton in county Cambridge and begat Francis, Frances, Barbara and Elizabeth.

Petrus tertius Francisci filius, celebs, alta ex turri praecipitatus moritur.

Peter the third son of Francis unmarried died falling from a tower????.

Edmundus 4 superstes est et celebs.

Edmund fourth, still alive and unmarried.

Jacobus 5 duxit uxorem Franciscam filiam Thomae Skinner equitis de Lavenham in comitatu Suffolciae, ex illa genuit Thomam, Ursulam, Fransiscum, Georgium.

James fifth, married Frances daughter of Sir Thomas Skinner of Lavenham in county Suffolk, and begat Thomas, Ursula, Francis and George.

Anna filia Francisci Daniel Virgo annorum 29 obiit die 11 Januarii 1614.

Anna daughter of Francis Daniel died unmarried 11th January 1614.

Margarita filia 2 accepit sibi virum Barnabam Pollard Eboracensem.

Margaret second daughter took as husband Barnaby Pollard of Yorkshire.

Brigida filia 3 accepit virum Thomam Aprice de Tansworth Northamptoniensem et obiit die 9 Julii 1632. Relicto filio nomine Thoma.

Bridget third daughter took as husband Thomas Aprice of Tansworth Northamptonshire and died 9th July 1632 leaving a son Thomas.

[added later] Maria 4 filia accepit virum Georgium Clifford Lincolniensem de Brackenborough haeredem comitis de Cumberland post mortem unius senis, a quo nec spes est nec timor prolis.

Maria fourth daughter took as husband George Clifford of Brackenborough Lincolnshire heir to Earl of Cumberlandand in old age but had no children.

Guliemus Bel et Dorothea Daniel filia Edmundi Matrimonio conjuncti sunt 7 die Maii 1582. Henrico Dingley, Samuele Dun et aliis praesentibus per Thomam Heiwood presbyterum. Hi genueerunt filios et filias:

William Bel and Dorothy Daniel daughter of Edmund were married 7th May 1582. Henry Dingley, Samuel Dun and others were present with Thomas Heywood presiding. They had sons and daughter:

Franciscum primogenitum qui natus feria 6 die 10 Maii 1583, hora 3 matutina, eodemque die baptizatus: sub glacie mersus puer novennis obit.

Francis first born between 6th and 10th May 1583, at 3 oclock in the morning, but died at 9???.

Margarita nata est eis 14 Octobris 1584, feria 4 hora 9 post meridiem. Nupta est Johanni Monei in Comitatu Lecestriae reliquit prolem masculum Gulielmum et obiit 21 Maij, 1627.

Margaret born 14 October 1584, almost 4 hours 9 past midday. Married John Money of county Lecestershire leaving a son William and dying 21 May 1627.

Edmundus natus est eis Actoni in Suffolcia, sicut et priores, 22 Januarii, 1585, in Sabbotto, minut 30 post mediam noctem, is nuptus sine liberis moritur.

Edmund born at Acton in Suffolk, just as his ancestors were, 22nd January 1585, on a Sabbath, at 30 minutes past midnight, he died not long ago without issue.

Gulielmus natvs est eis 2 Decembris 1589. Hic Adolescens motitur.

William born 2nd December 1589. Died in adolescence.

Arthurus natus est eis die 13 Januarii, anno 1590, feria 4, mane hora 4 et 30 minutis; fit frater minor.

Arthur born 13th January 1590, about 4 to 4.30 in the morning; became a monk.

Georgius natus est eis 11 die Augusti 1592, is accepit uxorem Janam Roberts, de comitatu Staffordiae; sed prolem non dedit eis Deus.

George born 11th August 1592, took as wife Jane Roberts of county Stafford, but had no children.

Carolus natus die 6 Augusti anno 1593. Moritur celebs 161[sic].

Charles born 6th August 1593. Died unmarried between 1610 and 1619.

Maria nata, Georgio Rodes in Matrimonio data: Moritur anno 1637.

Maria born. Married George Rodes. Died 1637.

Dorothea nata 1598, vivit adhuc virgo.

Dorothy born 1598, living but unmarried.

Thomas tertius filius Edmundi: nepos Thomae baronis Daniel: primus fuit hujus nominis qui incoluit Suffolciam: et aedificavit palatium Actoni juxta Melford ante annos 100.

Thomas third son of Edmund: grandson of Thomas Lord Daniel, was the first of his name living in Suffolk, taking the estate at Acton next to Melford before year ?.

Daniel oriundus ex comitatu Chesshire, domo Clifton: Tablee: et Desberrie, non plus tribus aut sex milaribus a Cestria.

the Daniels originally came from county Cheshire, living at Clifton, Tabley and Desberry, less than six miles from Chester.

Savadge duxit uxorem Danielem filiam et haeredem de Clifton: super quam haereditatem fundavit Rock Savadge, Familiae Daniel hic est praesens status quantum potui intelligere hodie 5 decembris 1638.

a Savage married a Daniel daughter and heiress of Clifton, adding it to their hereditary property Rock Savage. This is all I know about the Daniel family at this stage 5th December 1638.

Arthurus filius Guliemi Bel et Dorotheae Daniel: nascitur, 13 die Januarii 1590, in Domo paterna, maneria Temple Broughton 6 milliaribus a Vigornia in parochia Handburie. Baptizatur in Parochia Fakenham. Susceptoribus Arthuro Bagsho et Raphaele Hunt. Eruditus lingua latino in Domo paterna sub paedagogis Johanne Coock, Gulielmo Childe, et Richardo Woodward successive: in tutela matris viduae prudentissimae, orbatus Patre anno 1598, mansi ad annum 1603, quando missum a matre recepit me Fransiscus Daniel ejus frater in Suffolcia ad Palatium Actoni juxta Melford longum: circa festum nativitatis sanctae Mariae Virginis.

Arthur son of William Bel and Dorothy Daniel born 13th January 1590 at his paternal home, the manor of Temple Broughton, 6 ? from Vigornia in Handbury parish. Baptised in Fakenham parish............

Cum hoc avunculo meo pari cum suis filiis educatione mansi triennio. Anno Domini 1606 cum Proditione Pulveris omnes perterrerentur, et familia se exonerare cuperent timore eorum, quae superventura adhuc suspicabantur, remissus sum ad matrem circa id tempus anni quo veneram. Anno Domini 1608 a Sto Johanne, ad Pascha 1609 Adhaesi Dominis Carolo et Petro Grevill, Melcoti in comitatu Warwick, Sezencoti et Lemingtoni in comitatu Glocestriae. Ab illo tempore servivi matri meae deinceps. Mense Martio anno 1611 Adhaesi Domino Bonner in Comitatu Herefordiae qui in Comitatu Docestriae vocabutur Watkins. Mense Julio veni secundo in Suffolciam anno 1611 Ad D Franciscum Daniel avunculum meum cum quo alio triennio mansi.

Die 22 Augusti 1614 Appuli navi Gravelingas: in Artesias.
Die sequenti perveni Audomarum cymba, ibi per annum 1 studui Rhetoricae.
Anno Domini 1615.
Die 27 Julii. Relicto Audomaro ivi Aeriam. leucae 3.
Die 28 Betunium. leucae 5.
29 Atrebatum. 5.
30 Ambianum, curru. 12.
     Deinde ad Clermont. -
     Inde Parisios. leucae 25.
     Bituricum. 8.
     Estampes. 6.
     Aurelianum. 20.
     Descendendo ligurim fluvium ad Blois. 17.
     Ambois. 10.
     Turonum. 7.
     Salmurum. 17.
     Andegavum. 7.
     Nanetum. 20.
     Rupellam. 22.
     Ad S. Nazarium. 8.
     Bruage. 3.
     Ad Roijan. 7.
     Burdigalum. 18.
     Bayonam. 25.
     Ad S. Sebastianum. 8.
     Ad Victoriam. 16.
     Burgos. 20.
Die 22 Septembris perveni Vallisoletum in Hispaniis. leucae 20.
          Omnis, haec via est leucarum. 309.

Vallisoleti mansi in studio Philosophiae triennio, ordinatus sacerdos die 14 Aprilis 1618. Salmanticae a Rmo D. Pacieco Episcopo: sacrificavi primo Vallisoleti in Collegio S. Albani; die 22 Aprilis 1618. Patronum habui in prima missa R. P. T. Sylvestrem, R. P. Johannes Blackfan tradidit me Rdo P. fr Didaco de Sicilia Provinciali fratrum Minorum in Provincia Conceptionis, is recepit me in ordinem, 27 Julij 1618 ivi Segobiam.

Die 9 Augusti suscepi habitum fratrum minorum de manibus R. P. fr. Sebastiani de Salazar, P. fr. Johanne De Vega tenente locum P. Francisci Galarca tunc absentis: qui magister novitiorum erat.

El convento esta situado en el Assobejo adonde la puente es mas alta fundation Real.

A 8 de Setiembre de 1619 hize la profession en manos de N. P. fr. Joseph de Sta Clara, que desde capitulo celebrado en Abrill era Guardian de Segobia: Siendo Provincial N. P. fr. Acacio de Pastrana: maestro de novicios el P. fr. Martin Bautista.

Vicario de Segobia fr Hernando Hernandez.

En estos tiempos avia en Segobia moradores,-.

N. P. Definitor, Ulloa.

Letores. Sebastian de Salazar, fr. Francisco Guerra, fr. Miguel de Parrada.

Maestro de estudiantes, fr. Nicolas Day de Oxonia, fr. Juan de Escobar, Vicario de coro.

Estudiantes. fr. Ignacio de Segamo, fr. Luis Sanchez, fr Juan de Obregon, fr. Luis de Ojeda, fr. Domingo de Aspe, fr. Antonio Munoz, fr. Gaspar Ponze de Leon, fr. Francisco Nieto, fr. Jorge Rioxano etc.

Coristas. fr. Andres de Valasco, fr. Juan Gonzalo, fr. Juan de Muraeta, fr. Juan de Rada, fr. Juan de Villaroel, fr. Juan de Siguenca Organista, fr. Pedro Garcia, fr. Juan de Burgos, fr. Martin de Proano.

Confessores. fr. Juan de Vega, fr. Francisco de Ynistrosa, fr. Luis de Inistrosa.

Legos. fr. Bartholome el Ropero, fr. Pedro Garcia Portero, fr. Juan de Montoya Refitolero, fr. Miguel de Ximenez Cozinero, fr. Juan de Olmos limosnero.

Mancebos y Novicios, fr. Francisco Martinez, fr. Francisco Mondragon, fr. Juan Capistrano, fr. Juan de Angulo, fr. Juan de Soto, fr. Antonio Isidro, fr. Sebastian Martinez, fr. Pedro Garcia, fr. Antonio de la Conception, fr. Andreas de Guevarra, fr. Francisco Velo, fr. Pablo del Arco.

Estudiantes ano 1619. fr. Juan de Citores, fr. Gabriel Sanchez, fr. Augustin de Paredes, fr. Martin Merino, fr. Miguel de Bilbao, fr. Miguel de Castillo, fr. Pedro Balbas, etc.

fr. Antonio Daca Guardian de Valladolid 1618.

Por obediencia del Rmo P. fr. Andres Asoto Comissario Generall de Flandez Ynglaterra, etc, llegue a Dunquerca por mar a 27 de Otubre de 1620. Aviendo hecho un ano en la Theologia en Segobia, y por gracia de N. Rmo P. fr. Juan Venido siendo ya Predicador.

P. Asoto posuit me Duaci in collegio S. Bonaventurae Provinciae Angliae. Duaci Audivi duos alios annos Theologiae a R. P. P. Benedictinis P. Rudicindo Barlo, Leandro a S. Martino, Thoma Torquato.

Anno 1622 positus sum confessarius Clarissarum Gravelingis.

Anno 1623 factus confessarius sororum de Penitentia Bruxellis.

Anno 1631 factus Definitor Provinciae Angliae: Guardianus S. Bonaventurae Duaci et lector linguae Hebraicae.

Anno 1633 Missus Provincialis Scotiae and capitulum Generale Toletanum.

Anno 1634 Missus sum in Angliam ad convertendum animas ad fidem Catholicam.