Information from Karen Sims


SIMS:1 - Margaret Chedworth, second wife of John Howard - her father was John Chedworth and her uncle was John Chedworth, Bishop of Lincoln - she married firstly Nicholas Wyfold and had a daughter Isabel or Elizabeth Wyfold - she married secondly John Norreys - she married thirdly John Howard.

SIMS:2 - John Chedworth, father of Margaret Chedworth, the second wife of John Howard.

SIMS:3 - John Chedworth, Bishop of Lincoln, uncle of Margaret Chedworth, will 1471 in A2A.

SIMS:4 - Isabel or Elizabeth Wyfold, daughter of Margaret Chedworth and Nicholas Wyfold - married secondly Henry Marney and had daughter Grace Marney.

SIMS:5 - Grace Marney, daughter of Isabel or Elizabeth Wyfold - married Edmund Bedingfield and had children including Anthony Bedingfield.

SIMS:6 - William Chedworth, brother of John Chedworth Bishop of Lincoln, father of Nicholas Chedworth, John Chedworth, Elizabeth Chedworth, Joane Chedworth, Margaret Chedworth and Anne Chedworth.

SIMS:7 - Elizabeth Chedworth, daughter of William Chedworth, cousin of of Margaret Howard nee Chedworth - married firstly (as his second wife) Simon Blake - married secondly John Audley, heiress of Walter Payne.

SIMS:8 - Joane Chedworth, daughter of William Chedworth, cousin of of Margaret Howard nee Chedworth - married William Marrow of Stepney and later of Rudfield Warwickshire, mother of ? who married Ralph Daniel.

SIMS:9 - Simon Blake, son of Edmund Blake, husband of Elizabeth Chedworth.

SIMS:10 - Ralph Daniel, son-in-law of Joane Chedworth, son of Margaret Blake (see Visitation of Warwickshire), father of Elizabeth Daniel who married Anthony Bedingfield, father of Margaret Daniel who married William More of Loseley Park, Sussex (seeeley papers on A2A).

SIMS:11 - Margaret Blake, daughter of Edmund Blake, mother of Ralph Daniel, probably wife of Thomas Daniel of Walsoken (see Loseley papers).

SIMS:12 - Margaret Chedworth, daughter of William Chedworth - married Sir William Carew of Bury St Edmunds.

SIMS:13 - Anne Chedworth, daughter of William Chedworth = married firstly Sir John Crosby of Crosby Place - married secondly John Rogers.

SIMS:14 - Edmund Blake, father of Simon Blake, Margaret Blake and Joane Blake - clerk of the King's works, porter and keeper of the wardrobe for the Castle of Hadleigh, and Steward of the Honor of Richmond in Norfolk and Suffolk - the Blakes were a transplant family sent into East Anglia to help tame the situation there in the 1450s (see Sybil Boys in the Paston letters); they were supporters of the Tudors.

SIMS:15 - Joane Blake, daughter of Edmund Blake - married firstly John Bokkyng of Longham, Norfolk and Bokking Ash Suffolk - married secondly James Brampton - abstract of will in Norfolk Visitation mentions children Olyver Brampton, Johane Clere and Anne Wheler wife of John Wheler of Aldenham Hertfordshire and mother of Amphilia, Elizabeth and Johane Wheler.

SIMS:16 - Walter Payne, had Elizabeth Chedworth as his heiress.

SIMS:17 - Nicholas Chedworth, son of William Chedworth - prebend of Milton Manor 1471-93 - William Chedworth and William Danyell were prebends in 1458 and 1459 (see - William Danyell was also prebend of Stepney.

SIMS:18 - John Chedworth, Archdeacon of Lincoln, rector of the law University of Padua in 1467 and took doctorate of civil law in 1468 (see Ecclsiastical Authority and Spiritual Power: The Church of the First Three Centuries - The English Traveler to Italy - Stanford University Press - ISBN 080473559X, 9780804735599) - son of William Chedworth and Joan Archested, born London, nephew of John Chedworth bishop of Lincoln, John Chedworth civil lawyer and Thomas Chedworth soldier.

SIMS:19 - William Danyell, rector of Barton in the Clay 13/10/1464 - administration to George Danyell esquire, Hugh Danyell and George Prescote (see register of John Chedworth, Bishop of Lincoln.

SIMS:20 - Jane Wyfold or Norreys - daughter of Margaret Chedworth - married name Jane Radmylde (John Norrey's will also mentions John, Alison and Jene Wales but this Jene is probably not the same person as Jane Radmylde) - died 1501 - will mentions her cousin Grace Danyell and her children John and Jane Danyell.

SIMS:21 - Oliver Danyell - will of Oliver Danyell 1507 - daughter Johan second wife of John Gardyner - parents Piers and Margaret Danyell - money to church of Daresbury and Frodesham to pray for his parents - cup with Danyell arms to godson Danyell Gardyner son of Johan his daughter - John and Johan Gardyner to be executors - son John Danyell about to become a priest - son Henry Danyell - Margery Ryvett (probably daughter of his daughter Johan) - daughters of cousin William Danyell - cousin Alice Hatton - Elizabeth Danyell (relationship not given) - godson Oliver Danyell son of Henry Danyell beside Lynne - godson Oliver Danyell son of Thomas Danyell taylor late of London - godson Oliver Pays - godson Oliver Ashpoll son of John Ashpoll skinner - Dame Alice Estey nun at Seynt Elyns goddaughter of Oliver's wife - Henry Gardyner (son of John Gardyner and his first wife Joan Wodecocke daughter of Henry Wodecocke) - John Cosyn - overseer Robert Snape? skinner - only slight mention of son Henry so probably either illegitimate or already established - Oliver probably old - wants prayers all over London for his soul - .

SIMS:22 - John Gardyner - will of John Gardyner 1508 - says wife Johan married twice before to John Mille and Thomas Ryvett - gives to second son Danyell Gardyner the cup bequeathed by his grandfather - tells wife to be satisfied with little he left her as he obtained inheritances for her from first two husbands - his son Henry Gardyner died 1509 and his will mentions brother Danyell but gives everything to his grandfather Henry Wodecocke father of John Gardyner's first wife - Bende or Frende was a good friend.

SIMS:23 - William Pykton - will 1508 - father John Pykton from Daresbury - in SEAX D/B 2/1/120 on A2A - also mentions Henry Wodecocke father of John Gardyner's first wife.

SIMS:24 - Richard Baynard - had four wives - only children (except and illegitimate son John) were by Grace Burgoyne - daughter Margaret married John Knyvett (died 1479) (son of Thomas Knyvett (died 1459) and Eleanor Dorward) and they had children Edward Knyvett and Thomasine Knyvett who married Sir William Clopton (his first wife was Joan Marrow probably aunt of William Marrow husband of Joan Chedworth) - son Richard Baynard married Margaret Knyvett daughter of Thomas Knyvett and they were parents of Grace Baynard who married Thomas Langley and Edmund Danyell.