DANYELLs in Charter Rolls


CHARTER:1 - 1447 24/4 Thomas Daniell - grant of special grace, for good service, to Thomas Daniell, king's squire, that he may enclose his manor of Ridon, county Norfolk with ditches and walls and crenellate and fortify the same with stone and mortar and hold the same so enclosed and fortified to himself and his heirs, and that he may enclose 600 acres of marsh, 200 acres of pasture, and 100 acres of meadow at Ridon with a ditch and palings and impark the same, and so hold it to him and his heirs; grant also to him and his heirs of free warren in all their demesne lands of their manors of Ridon, Grymston, Congham, Wellehalle and Holt; grant also that he and his heirs may hunt and make stables (facere stabilias) in their demesne lands and woods of the said manors, even though these be within the king's forest; and take venison and deer and carry them away, provided that they set not up nets (retia vel herepises) or such engines; with grant that they mave their dogs there not hambled; and that they may have there view of frank-pledge and all thereto belonging and all goods and chattels called 'wayf' and 'stray' and treasure trove, and goods and chattels called mainour (manuopera) taken with any person and by him disavowed before any judge; and also the goods and chattels of felons condemned or convicted and of suicides or of persons put in exigent for treasons or felonies, or outlawed or waived, and all goods and chattels conviscated in any way, of all their men and tenants resident in the said manors, even though they be officers or ministers of the king; with power to seize the same for their own use without impediment, even though they have already been seized for the king's use; grant also that the said Thomas and his heirs and all their men and tenants, resident in the said manor, shall be quit of toll, pannage, pontage, quayage, murage, payage, passage, lastage, stallage, callage, carriage, pasage, picage, terrage, scot and gold, hidage, scutage and of works of castles, parks, bridges, enclosures, and of building of royal houses, and of suits of counties, hundreds, wapentakes, sheriffs' turns, and all aids of kings and sheriffs, and their bailiffs. Notwithstanding etc - by k - at Westminster - see Calendar of the Charter Rolls Henry-6/VI/80.

CHARTER:2 - 1447 Thomas Daniell - Rydon maner' licenc' kernelland' et 900 acr' claudend' et parcum inde fac' - Grimston, Congham, Wellhall and Holt libera waren' - et quod possit venare etc' in dominicis suis licet infra forest' wais' stray thefaur' invent' catall' fellon' quietanc' de theolon' etc' - all in Norfolc' - see Calendarium Rotularum Chartarum Henry-6/201b/29.

CHARTER:3 - 1472 2/12 Thomas Danyell - grant, of special grace, sure science and mere motion, to Thomas Danyell, John Beld, John Lewesson, Henry Reynold, Thomas (Thme) Reed, Thomas Grene, Thomas Warfeld, William Michell, William Hoode, Nicholas Sewall, William Body, Robert Brompton and Stephen Ingram, free-men of the mystery of the dyers of the City of london, that they or any one or more of them for the praise, glory asnd honour of God and St Mary may found a perpetual fraternity or gild of two wardens (gardianis) and a community of free-men of the said mystery of the dyers dwelling in the said City or its suburb ..... - at Westminster Palace - see Calendar of the Charter Rolls Edward-4/VI/240.