DANYELLs in wills


WILL:1 - 1401 10/8 William and Margaret Danielis - - see Papal Letters V/461.

WILL:2 - 1494 Edmund Daniel esquire and Thomas Swayne vicar of church of Stoke Neyland were executors of Margaret daughter of Sir John Chedworth knight second wife of Duke of Norfolk, will dated 13/5/1490, probate 3/12/1494, supervisor of will was her son in law [stepson] Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey - she had child Catherine married to John Bourchier, Lord Berners - see CompletePeerage of England by Arthur Collins /1/65.

WILL:3 - 1498 Henry (Robert?) Danyelle of Appultone Norfolk will dated 28/10/1498 mentions children Robert, James, Oliver, Henry, Johan, Alice and Elizabeth and wife Agnes sister of Henry Brawndie, executor? Robert Danyell, supervisor Edmund Danyel son and heir of Thomas Danyelle [this probably indicate a relationship between the Danyells of Appleton and Edmund son of Thomas but also indicates Henry not brother of Edmund] witnessed by Robert Braunch - Henry Daniel gentleman of Appleton buried at Appleton in 1498 with his son Robert Daniel buried in 1539; see Harleian /1/25 and see ADDMSS /19126 and see BLOMEFIELD /9/401 - see WILL:4 for the death of Edmund Danyell at about the same time as death of Henry Danyell.

WILL:4 - 1498 Edmund Danyell - see National Archives PCC will 19 December 1498 PROB 11/11 for will of Edmund Danyell of Stokenailand dated 20/9/1498 (13th of Henry 7) proved 19/12/1498, it mentions burial in choir of Stoke Church beside Lord Berners the elder, church of Messynger, grey friars of Colchester, friars of Clare, prayers for Dame Margaret Howard, wife Grace the rest and executrix, witnesses Thomas Swayne, vicar of Stokenailand, Sir Thomas Baker priest of said town, Richard Kenet gentleman, George Danyell junior and other - see Essex Record Office D/DHVB62 for superceded will of Edmund Danyell.

WILL:5 - 1507 Olyver Danyell - see National Archives PCC will 12 April 1507 PROB 11/15 for will pf Olyver Danyell, Skinner of London, it mentions burial in St Antonys London, late wife Alice,

WILL:6 - 1509 Grace Danyell - see National Archives PCC will 16 March 1509 PROB 11/16 for will of Grace Danyell of Messing, Essex, it mentions that she is to be buried in Stoke next to her husband, her arms and her husbands hung at Messing, sons Thomas, George and Edward and daughters Jane and Katherine, residue to son John.

WILL:7 - 1519 John Danyell - see National Archives PCC will 22 January 1519 PROB 11/19 and for will of John Danyell, Gentleman of Felsted, Essex, it mentions his late master the Earl of Oxford, manor of Felsted, manor of Grandcourts, executor and cousin John Danyell of Messing, nephew Doctor [Matthew] Knightley, nephew William Knightley, wife Margery, marriage of cousin Kathryn Danyell

WILL:8 - 1523 Margery Danyell - see National Archives PCC will 24 April 1523 PROB 11/21 for will of Margery Danyell, Widow of Felsted, Essex, dated 30/7/1521 it mentions burial in Felsted church of Blessed Trinity, church of Pelham Furneaux, daughter Mary, son in law John Newport, and their daughter Grace Newport under 21, church of Brewood Staffordshire, Malhouse? ofortry? of Brewood Staffordshire, priory of Dunmow, priory of Lyes, Northend in Much Maltham Essex, Stebbing church near north of Felsted Essex, Navenby Lincolnshire, Kateryn Danyell, wellbeloved cousin and executor John Danyell, executor master Edward Fforske? clerk, son in law John Newport present? at reading of will.

WILL:9 - 1548 William Knightley - Norfolk will 1548 for will of William Knightley gentleman of Norwich