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6. acknowledging help provided

These POSD web pages have been prepared by Graham Pratten since leaving ICL on 13th May 1996. Some examples generated prior to that date have been used. This is acknowledged on the web pages where these examples are presented. Until 13th May 1996 all work on POSD was funded by ICL. ICL has registered POSD as a trademark in the United Kingdom.

A number of people, within and outside ICL, have contributed to the development and application of POSD and have helped with its dissemination.

Graham Pratten
Independent Consultant
ex ICL
Peter Henderson
Southampton University

Brian Warboys
Manchester University now
ICL then
Bob Snowdon
Jeff Parker
Jane Searles
ICL ProcessWise Team
Uri Baran
Peter Wharton

last revision: 21st June 1997